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Shannon Shanks 

‘’Curly hair is more than hair it is an attitude”

I find being a stylist an extremely rewarding career. Having the talent to create the desired styles my clients are looking for drives my passion. Being able to create new looks and styles on my clients helps me feel like I am creating positive change, even if by only changing their hair. With over 30 years of experience I have acquired skills in many areas as a stylist. As an individual with natural curly hair, I understand the challenges one may encounter with their own curls, making curly hair one of my greatest specialties. ”If desired those curls can be tamed”!

I am certified in Keratin smoothing treatments and Brazilian blowouts. These treatments can save styling time and give your blowdried style staying power. I also specialize in men’s cuts, long and short haircuts, Texas blondes, Sunkissed blondes, and corrective color.


Invest in your hair it’s the crown you never take off!