David Ryan Salon: An Explosion of Teamwork & Creativity

 By Steve Gamel

David Ryan learned a long time ago that the best way to build trusting relationships with his clients was to put their needs above his own. That seems simple enough, but finding a team which shares that same vision is not always easy. In many cases, it can take a business owner years to find that right mix of passion and selflessness.

Clearly, Ryan has found magic in a bottle. Since opening David Ryan Salon in 2013, teamwork has been his salon’s greatest strength. And in an age where most salons can’t say the same thing, his customers are reaping the benefits. Sure, David’s name is on the marquee and he is still one of the more sought after stylists in Denton County. But it’s each team member’s individual artistic talent that, when placed together, creates an explosion of creativity.

“I want to make sure that when talking about David Ryan Salon, the first thing mentioned is my team,” David said. “It’s tough to find people in this industry who are willing to put the client first, the team second, and themselves last.”

David added, “I feel truly blessed to work with such a selfless, talented team of individuals who are truly like family.”

This TEAM has built a level of trust that, quite simply, is unmatched in Denton County. David Ryan Salon was voted Best Color Salon in this year’s Best of Denton County awards. It’s the fourth year in a row that the salon has taken home a top honor among Denton County voters. It is also the official salon for Miss North Texas.

They did it with teamwork, but also by creating a full-service salon that can cater to the needs of any customer. Their services include everything from full highlight and color correction to extensions, root touchup, cut and style for men and women, lowlights, and toner. They can get you dolled up for a night out just as easily as they can handle special events.

David Ryan Salon only uses premium products Oribe and Bumble and Bumble, and they pride themselves on creating an environment where they work with the client to solve any concern or match any desired look.

“When it comes to problem solving for our clients, two things come to mind,” David said. “For new clients, it usually means having to fix mistakes that have occurred in the past that might have damaged their hair. We are skilled to be able to correct mistakes that others might have made and turn it around for them to help them enjoy the hair they’ve been blessed with. Secondly, we are really good at being creative. Most times people don’t know exactly what they want without some guidance. We excel at this. We take time with each client to get to know them, their personality, what they do, how they want to look, and what will make them feel truly beautiful.”

What’s more, each customer has the opportunity to choose the right stylist to fit their personality, style, and budget. Looking for a budget-minded cut with the same top-notch quality and service? David Ryan Salon has the answer for you. Want a little more experience, or a master stylist like David Ryan handling your experience? They can do that, too.

“I love the education side of things,” David said. “That’s really what drove me to open my own salon. I wanted to be able to take talented stylists and teach them the higher-level skills on what it takes to be successful with your clients. We have the highest level of continuing education in the industry because we know there is ALWAYS the ability to grow in your art.”

David Ryan talks like the type of guy who knew he wanted to be a hairstylist all his life, but that’s just not the case. In fact, his journey to owning his own salon didn’t start where you might think. When he was 17, David was planning on going into the military when a friend asked him for a ride to cosmetology school. While his friend was in another room, David ended up getting into a conversation with another student.

To make a long story short, he signed up for school within that same week.

That was almost 20 years ago. He went on to work at a few different well-known salons and was blessed to learn a lot of the business through them. He took everything he learned from the industry during that time and began mapping out the perfect salon in his head.

He believes he has created that salon, and the people he works with every day have helped make that vision a reality.

“We love the artistic side of hair, especially hair color,” David said. “We love to be able to take a person’s natural beauty and combine that with their personality to give them a color and style that makes them know how beautiful they are.”