Smoothing Treatments: Keratin Complex & Brazilian Blowout

Discover which hair smoothing treatment is perfect for your unique look and style at David Ryan Salon in Flower Mound, TX.

At David Ryan Salon, we provide two of the top performing Smoothing treatments, Keratin Complex & Brazilian Blowout. With many different smoothing systems to choose from, our decision was carefully made based on the integrity of our customer’s hair regardless of hair type & the maintenance that will be required after. Because those were our top concerns, these systems are similar in many ways.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout eliminates frizz & makes hair more manageable while keeping volume & movement. This treatment is best for fine to medium textures & slight waves or curls. It can be used when transitioning hair textures if relaxers, Japanese straightening treatments or other permanent straightening treatments have been previously applied. Making wavy hair smoother while keeping some the natural wave and body & making curly hair softer, frizz-free, & easier to control while retaining its natural curl, this is a “lighter” option in comparison to the Keratin Complex Treatment. Brazilian Blowout treatments are complete when you leave the salon & your results are almost instant. You can wash & style your hair that same day making it the more convenient option.

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex eliminates frizz & makes hair more manageable while reducing volume & giving a straighter, more sleek appearance. This treatment is best for overly curly, unruly hair making it the “heavier” option in comparison to the Brazilian Blowout. Unlike the Brazilian Blowout, certain precautions must be adhered to after a Keratin Complex treatment is applied to ensure the treatment works successfully. The product must be left in the hair for a 72-hour period and cannot be rinsed until after. During those 72-hours, the hair cannot be tied back in any way, tucked behind the ears, & sweating and swimming must be avoided.

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